Youth Work Day Guidelines

Feel free to use these instructions as a guide for doing Project Canary with youth.

Organized by Holly Hanessian


This is a community experience for a camper of the Life Changers Church and an artist to build a meaningful object together in clay. The camper will make an object based on a story of their own with the help of the artist (see below). Their story will be anonymous and uploaded to a national website and also attached to the object to be placed around Tallahassee on October 14th, to be found by others.


  • Each kid / camper will create a simple object based on a story of conflict that they are aware of, and or concerned about.
  • They will write 2-3 sentences based on this feeling, experience and or hope for resolution.
  • It can be anything that is important individually to them. They story should be at least 2-3 sentences (but can be longer).
  • The story must be ready beforehand and written with a simple image drawing of what they want to make using pencil or crayon on paper.
  • The artist is there to help (but not take over) OR to interpret through their feelings, but to make the pieces stay together and not fall apart and or explode.



  • They will then make a clay piece about their story with an artist.
  • It will be no bigger then what fits in their hand or tennis ball size.
  • It must be hollow or made from parts that are no thicker then there finger.
  • The object must be important to them and their own unique story.
  • The object will eventually be placed in the community as a shared experience between the camper and the artists.
  • Both the camper and the artists can have a picture of the object and help place them later if they wish.